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MVTX Mission: The production of long distance and adventure motorsports, adventure touring and endurance type expeditions and specialized events.

Core concepts: Long distances and vast wilderness serves to remove the familiar,  therefore promoting self reliance as well as team work and awakening the exploration instinct. Operating in all weather conditions help to sharpen adaptability and preparedness. These combined with ever changing topography and isolation will force focus on coping skills such as vehicle handling and navigation, among other skills, under uncommon conditions. The events and circumstances encountered during an MVTX event are heavily skewed to increase your personal capabilities and confidence.

Whether your mode of travel is a motorcycle, quad, sled, car or personal water craft, despite weather, location or time of day, we WILL get you...Out There.

Safety : Our staff is comprised of former and current military, law enforcement, medical, fire, communications and air and ground transportation personnel. 

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Upcoming Events

  • ADV Expedition: Taiga 2000
  • ADV Tour: Trans Labrador
  • The Portage Run

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Event & Infrastructure Services

Due to the hostile and isolated nature of some locations in which MVTX operates, full infrastructure is provided in house and to third parties, schedule permitting.

While at our start/finish locations, our remote check points and your journey in between, your safety is paramount. Our infrastructure team is committed to this goal and to your comfort during your stay at our base camps or check points.

The basics and then some. Infrastructure services include but are not limited to shelter, water, food and emergency medical service. 

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