"I've always wanted to do that"


...Now it's time

We've heard all the excuses. "I'm too busy, It's too far, I'm too old", or maybe the worst one..."I will some day"...We here have seen it happen. Time passes. Life pulls you further into mediocrity and the horizon of that dream trip of a lifetime slips further and further away. At what cost? That time to pit yourself and your machine against the elements and the miles and not to just peak the horizon but to make it over and be there for a time. And take from that time, that personal something that will be only yours for the rest of your life. At that cost. 

MVTX is staffed with personnel that have done extensive athletic and motosport tours and expeditions around the World. By focusing our experiences and expertise onto the MVTX platform, we are able to address and alleviate most concerns brought on by such endeavors and produce endurance events that require you to perform like not many have and take you to places not many have heard of, much less been.

No more excuses. 


Tours and Expeditions far afield and deep within

The motivation behind our event design. 


Your life should be an adventure

Not just small parts of it. Ignite or reignite that fire here.

your way out here