list and detals of upcoming events

ADV Tour: Trans Labrador


This starts end ends Niagara Falls New York (Scheduled for Summer 2019) and encompasses the entire Trans Labrador Highway. 

Departing August 24th 2019.

ADV tour trans Labrador

ADV Expedition: Taiga 2000

Trans Taiga Road

This 10 day expedition covers the James Bay road as well as the Transtaiga road. Two of the most arduous roads in the ADV world. 

Departing July 13th 2019. 

Taiga 2000

MVTX Operations, Safety and Survival Course


This course will better prepare you for infield operations.


Lake To Lake Portage Run


 This day long paddling "marathon" will take you from Buffalo New York, on Lake Erie down the Niagara River to Fort Niagara on Lake Ontario. a 32 mile journey with bus portage from LaSalle landing to Lewiston public boat ramp. 

Starting 0700 hrs on August 17.

lake to lake details

The Screwball Rally 200


In planning phase for Winter 20018.

Kayaks on call


Our water born division is based out of The sport fishing village of Olcott, New York. Visit the link below to experience the  beautiful and historic waters of Niagara County!



Q: Should I wear just my socks out in the rain?

A: No. You shouldn't wear just your socks out in the rain.