Event & Infrastructure Services

Safety and Warnings

Unfortunately motor sports and the events listed herein are inherently dangerous and carry with them a serious risk of injury and death. Therefore, any client, participant or agent of MVTX assumes all risk.  

Base Camps and Checkpoints

Start/Finish venues will usually be located at a full service location ie, hotel or event center and will be in communication with outlying base camps, checkpoints and recovery and support vehicle(s).

  • Base camps: Full infrastructure
  • Checkpoints: Partial infrastructure
  • Recovery and support vehicle(s): Basic support and recovery

Infrastructure includes but not limited to

  • Secure sleeping quarters or shelter
  • Catering/mess
  • Latrine/shower or field shower
  • Security/EMS
  • Communication for event coordination, heavy recovery, med evac, local authorities and unforeseen emergencies
  • Limited supply of water, engine fluids and basic parts
  • Remote power/hydro, lighting and heating capabilities
  • Music, DJ and announcing 

Entertainment, seminars and special training will be provided at most events.

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Race and Event Timing

Among the full array of race and event infrastructure services listed,  MVTX provides its in house servicses as well as race timing and scoring to outside parties.  

Our timing and scoring system capabilities and resources are as follows:  

  • On and off grid power/hydro operation
  • Multiple power backup redundancies
  • High sensitivity reader with linear antennas with reliable read rates up to 200 MPH  
  • Circular antennas available for checkpoints and lower speed events  
  • Real time scoring and results via onsite scoreboard, social media and printed hardcopy   
  • Start/Finish arch. 24 foot overhead span adjusts up to 14 feet in height and upright standards adaptable to most terrain.   
  • Lightweight overhead truss from 5-15 feet and trackside tripods for checkpoints or smaller events  
  • Traffic/Course management devices. Lights, cones, barricades and course consultation on request.   

Whether your event is held locally or far afield, in good weather or bad, on road or no road at all, MVTX race and event services will handle all your timing and scoring needs. 

Governmental Liaison

Police, Fire, Med, etc...

Airborne Services

Private med evac, skycrain, aerial media and tour/ex transport.


The Motoversal Mobile Grill & Cafe'

Our in house mobile food service.

The Motoversal Mobile Grill & Cafe'