the portage run

Your departure from the ordinary...


...and into living history. This paddling event is truly a marathon on water, drawing its inspiration from the French fur traders that did their trapping in the lake Erie region and sold their pelts at Fort Niagara. As locals know that is quite the distance, 23 miles North on the Niagara River to be exact - and that is just from Buffalo harbor. As history has it, the trappers headed up the Niagara River to the La Salle landing and from there carried their canoes and pelts overland to Lewiston landing, put back in and continued paddling North to Fort Niagara to another payday.

Think you can handle the portage run?


This adventure paddling event will start on July 20th 2019, between the hours of 0600 and 0800 hrs. at the Fort Niagara swimming pool parking lot, buses and boat transport will depart to Buffalo (Tonawanda) start point. Paddlers in either canoes or kayaks will start North out of Aqua Lane Park and onto the Niagara River and continue around the East side of Grand Island, ending the first leg of the journey at Griffon park in Niagara Falls. Paddlers will load boat transport and buses and be driven to Lewiston landing to start the final leg of the run. On arrival to Lewiston, paddlers will collect their boat, portage down a short distance to launch from the ramp and continue to Fort Niagara. Once you reach the Fort, you'll drag out at the South boat ramp, cross the finish line and enjoy a brief rest before the evening's festivities. Your evening will include music, dinner provided by the Motoversal Grill & Cafe' and raffle drawing for the three grand prizes for all who finish. Paddle to compete or just for fun.


Here's where to be and what to do


  • Register online for $120.00.  
  • Check in starts July 20th at 0600 Hrs. at the Fort Niagara officers club. Nearby parking provided
  • Proceed to safety briefing and inspection
  • Bag lunch including two liters of water will be provided at the start. 
  • First transport departs upon reaching capacity. Last transport departs at 0800 Hrs.
  • Upon arrival at start point, gather your boat and gear and proceed to the launch
  • Follow the instructions of local officials and event staff and read rules / safety information page before attending
  • Last day to sign up is July 15th 2019
  • Feel free to call with any questions at (716) 281-3550

Dinner, music and prizes at The Fort!

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