ADV Expedition taiga 2000



James Bay Road and the Trans Taiga Road

Two of the premier roads in the ADV community and they just happen to intersect. 

Join this 10-12 day expedition to challenge both roads and earn the right to talk about your experience to a place and on roads no one has ever heard of. 

And you can leave the work to us!



  • Day 1: meeet & greet, safety, itinerary, breakfast, depart Niagara Falls New York. Arrive Earlton Ontario.
  • Day 2: depart Earlton. Arrive & camp Matagami Quebec.
  • Day 3: Depart Matagami, lunch @ Relais 381, arrive Raddison.
  • Day 4: Day trip to  Chissasibi, Return to Raddison.
  • Day 5: Depart Raddison, arrive at Mirage.
  • Day 6: Depart Mirage, arrive at Caniapiscau.
  • Day 7: Depart Caniapiscau, arrive back to Mirage.
  • Day 8: Depart Mirage, arrive Relais 381
  • Day 9: Depart Relais 381, arrive Erlton.
  • Day 10: Depart Erlton, arrive Niagara Falls.
  • NOTE: Due to rapidly changing environmental changes, plan for 10 days but prepare for 12.


Whats included for $2500.00

  • Transport / support trucks
  • Three meals a day
  • Outfitted camp site
  • Reduced rates at en route Lodging     
  • Medic
  • Sat phones
  • GPS tracking
  • Med evac insurance (available)
  • Canoeing & fishing
  • Pre trip orientation & breakfast
  • After party

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Services include

  • Assigned space for you, your bike and equipment on the support trailer that is yours for the entire trip. 
  • Camp options. Extra large tents, cots, field shower, potable water, power to charge electronics, outdoor lighting. In very heavy weather the trailer will act as a dorm for the group.
  • We can carry up to 800 LBS of bike and gear for you, allowing  you to stow extra parts and gear in your own spot on the support trailer so you can lighter and with more piece of mind. 
  • Emergency Sat-phones.
  • Three meals a day.

More about the journey

This is an approximately a 2000 mile journey from start to finish.

Starting from the Niagara region we'll head up though Toronto and North though Temiskaming and into the Abitibi region of Quebec.

From there you'll start to experience the gradual isolation as we get further North into the James Bay region.

Once we reach the last proper town of Matagami, the real ADV experience starts!

Hope to see you there!!


What you will need

  • A motorcycle and some off road riding experience. 
  • Sleeping bag, blanket and or tarp.
  • Toiletries, small first aid kit, hard water bottle, road flair or signal light, bug spray, face net, hand held GPS or smart phone 
  • Appropriate clothing.
  • Please follow the link below to familiarize yourself with the task at hand.

Whats to see and do?

The big take away of this expedition is you will be in the most isolated place by road in North America.

 In this region of Quebec you'll have the opportunity to 

  • See black bear, moose, silver fox, among others.
  • Experience the salt water of the Arctic Ocean at Chisasibi .
  • The absolute pitch quiet and cool air of Caniapiscau.
  • The countless streams, ponds and rivers.
  • Visit the Hydro damn at Raddison.
  • Enjoy the hospitality of Mirage Outfitters as well as other businesses and people along the way.  


Feel free to contact us any time at

(716) 281-3550


Q: What if I break down?

A: Load your bike into the support trailer, get in the truck and we continue on. You will have the opportunity to make repairs at camp. There area few  motorcycle shops en route that you can call ahead to and make repair, part purchase or rental arraignments. You may also leave your bike at the shop, continue on the trip in the truck and pick your bike up on the way back though.

Q: What if the weather is too bad for any one to ride?

A: We all load into the support truck and trailer and continue on.